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Website vs Domain Age?

Domain age simply tells you when was that domain registered. While the website age tells you when was the website created on that domain. For example, you know people register their domain name in advance or some people buy their domain from someone else. That someone else had already registered the domain and kept it on his hold for reselling purposes. In this case, if you look at the domain registration date it will not represent the website age. Because the website was uploaded on that domain after quite some time.

E.g We know OpenAi launched around 2015 but if you check its domain registration date, you will see a huge difference in the duration. So our Siteage finder tells you a more accurate age of a website.

Why This Siteage Checker is More Accurate?

Simply because it does not rely on the domain registration date to check any given website's age. This tool also perfect for finding the age of subdomains. you will notice when you enter a website's subdomain it shows a different age in the "website age" section.

How To Check How Old a Website Is?

First, enter your URL in the input field and press the "Check Age" button. This tool will display the domain age and website age separately.

Common Errors Siteage Image

If you encounter any error or the tool doesn't return required results, please try editing your URL and re-enter it in a different format for example: remove the slashes after the domain name or add "www." at the start or remove "https://"

Sometimes the entered URL happens to be very new or doesn't exist or has not been crawled by the system. In that case, you may face the following errors:

1. The tool displays the domain age but does not display the website age.

2. Website age section returns undefined.

3. After pressing the button it keeps on loading for more than 10 sec.

Benifits of Website Age instead of Domain Age?

Whether you are a consumer or an online entrepreneur, it is the website age that tells you meaningful piece of information that is crucial for your decisions. Some of them are:

Brand's and Website's Launch Date

In today's age whenever a new brand is launched its website is created in the first step. So if you know the website's age you get a fairly accurate estimate of the start date of a brand.

Trust and Authority

You can easily get an initial signal of whether to trust a website from the website age. If you are buying from an online store and its domain was registered 5 years ago but the store itself launched only a month ago then you will be extra careful buying from such a website. Our SiteAge Checker tool will prove quite handy in such a scenario because it gives you website age separately.

Stability and Reliability

Web age also proves to be helpful in determining whether to trust information from a website or not.

Search Engine Ranking

Older website usually tends to have higher search enginer ranking and if you are an SEO expert then you can verify other trends like backlinks after knowing the website's age.

User Perception

End users also tend to trust a website that has been around for a while.

Domain History

Using this tool you can also extract useful information about the domain name.

Social Proof

Once you find out how old is a website you can further expect its social proofs on that bases and look for them on other popular platforms like Google Maps and Facebook.

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