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The right place for the money to reside in is the right investment " ✌🏼

Wholesale FBA Business

This business model involves very low risk. ideal for low investment individuals.

How much investment required for Amazon wholesale?

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Below are the appx. results of my experience with this business model.

Risk Factor UK/USA
< %*
Avg. Profit Margin
ROI every 45 days appx.
Upto %
Min. Investment UK

Private Label Brand [PL]

This business model involves comparatively high risk, but has some benefits.

Risk Factor UK/USA
~ %*
Avg. Profit Margin
Upto %
ROI every 30 days appx. [After initial 1 year]
Upto %
Min. Investment

* Please note that risk numbers are a complex calculation. And companies usually evaluate their risks with respect to different parameters. The risk numbers above are an appx. calculation of the probability that you will not make any profit, not necessarily that you will lose all of your investment.

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