Amazon is Not Accepting My Wise Account Statement In The UK and Ownership Letter.

In this short article, I will share with you my experience and tell you what can you do if Amazon is not accepting your TransferWise account statement and ownership letter.

Recently, For deposit method verification, I had provided Amazon with my Wise Business Account statement and ownership letter but, Amazon asked me for a bank letter. See the details in the email screenshot below.

As the ownership letter does not have a business address and a signature stamp. Amazon asks for a certified bank letter for deposit method verification.

Most of the people in Pakistan have a Wise account as a bank deposit method in the UK Amazon account. Here is what I have done and what you can do to solve this issue. Contact the Wise support via online chat after 9 am UK time. At your request, they will agree to provide you with a bank letter with a bank signature stamp on it. And, on additional request, they will put the registered business address and directors’ name along with all other business details like account holder, Ltd’s name etc…

Wise usually takes 3 to 7 days to do it but I told them it’s urgent, So, they provided me with the letter in two days. I have submitted the Wise bank letter and my Amazon deposit method is now verified.


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