Amazon Product Relaunch (Steps For Success) -by an Amazon Pro

Do you have a listing already created for quite some time and wondering how to resume it and rank it on Amazon?

How to Relaunch an Existing Product on Amazon?

Many sellers have different ways to do this. Some people talk about an option that you can go for as below

Delete everything from your listing (leave only a single letter in the fields that are required, such as the title and the first bullet point). Save the listing and leave it there for one hour. Then,you can test that your listing no longer indexes for most keywords, and re-input all of the text &  start applying all the new listing launch strategies. This should restart indexing for all the keywords, making them easier to rank for.

In my opinion, I don’t think of it as the way to go. I personally believe Amazon is not that stupid and ties all the data/ history to the ASIN and other listing parameters that are still there.

Even if it works this can prove to be the least effective way to re-launch because it’s kind of a hit or miss. If this doesn’t work, you never know when to pull the plug and stop putting time and money into it. This may increase only the losses over time.

2nd Method: Restart With a New ASIN

This method could be a good second shot for your product. In order to restart with a new ASIN, you simply remove your inventory and then send it back in with a brand-new listing and UPC. If you already have good reviews, you can send them in as a variation (and hopefully variations share reviews in your category).

I recommend you get UPC codes from Amazon itself requires you to get UPC codes from GS1 and has started to enforce this. When you create a listing and enter the UPC code, Amazon accesses the GS1 database to check if you are registered there.

But I’ll say if you get a cheaper UPC code from somewhere else and you somehow manage to create the listing with that UPC, go for it. I don’t see much benefit in buying expensive UPC codes just for the relisting of your product. Once this new variation of ASIN starts getting sales and gets ranked, you can switch the traffic to your previous ASIN which was created with your original UPC code from GS1.

3rd Method: Reset the Honeymoon Period Without Losing Reviews

There is a ninja trick or hack that could rest the honeymoon period of your product. If you are interested, follow the below steps.

  1. Take a screenshot of your ASIN, SKU, FNSKU, MFG part number, and a URL link to your ASIN.
  2. Open a support ticket asking for the access to “Category listing report”
  3. Once you get the access and it’s activated, generate inventory reports (CSV) for all categories you sell in.
  4. Update the flat file fields for the URL links to your images & any other relevant fields.
  5. Delete the ASIN from your Seller Central (be sure you took the screenshots i.e., step# 1)
  6. Wait at least 15 minutes to a day, then upload the flat file you updated using the original ASIN and the original SKU. This is critical, your original ASIN has to be in this flat file. You are basically gonna re-upload it.
  7. Sometimes this results in stranded inventory, if so, open a case with Amazon to fix it. Amazon will walk you through this.
  8. Your product will come back up. If it does not, just open a case with Amazon and tell them you accidentally deleted the product and want to reactivate it. When you do that your product’s honeymoon period starts over as there won’t be any sales history tied to your listing. In this method, you don’t lose your listing reviews.

4th Method: Re-Branding

This is the costliest option and you should only go for it if you are sure that your product is very high quality and offers a unique value. In this option, you change your product packaging, logo, brand name, or all of these and try to repeat the launch steps all the way from the start. Of course, all of these methods are worth trying if you have a high-end product and an optimized listing.

5th Method: Get Faster Reviews This Time

Getting Faster reviews creates a snowball effect. Reviews on Amazon is a next-level game. I have a detailed article on this website about how to get more reviews. In short, you need a loyal audience in your database that can do the action for you. Or you can hire a 3rd party professional like me who can use his audience to do the job.

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